The best bank in France

The best banks in France

Obtaining a bank account that is not charging you for international withdrawing and exchange fees is one of the first things you should do when moving to France. Withdrawing cash can become costly on long-term. You will also need a local bank account to receive your salary- however, this depends mostly on your employer. It can become difficult to find a bank that fits your needs in France. We have listed below all large banks in France and their pros and cons. All the banks mentioned on this page offer clear contracts and fair rates.

Withdrawing money from Abroad

Most large banks are also operating in France. You can withdraw money from your overseas account, but this can become quite expensive on long-term. The withdrawal costs depend on which overseas bank you have and where this bank is located. It would be smart to open a French bank account if you plan on staying longer than 1 year in France. We have listed reliable banks with good conditions below.


List of banks in France

Vivid Money
BNP Paribas
Boursorama Banque
Société Générale

All these banks offer different conditions, banking options and different rates. Are you curious about which banks offer the clearest conditions to non-French speakers? We have listed the best bank in France below. This bank is most frequently used by expats.

The best bank in France for expats

Banks in france BunqManaging your money becomes easy for you with the Bunq bank account. The opening of a standard account here is fast, paperless, and also free of cost. You can enjoy free ATM withdrawals worldwide and much more. Bunq bank offers you 3 types of plans- personal and business. You can select the plan that meets your requirements and works best for you. It is a very convenient bank if you are well-adjusted to doing banking with your smartphone. Effortless banking made possible with Bunq

Banks in france n26You can open a free online bank account that provides you all the facilities. You can save, spend, and even can keep track of your transactions and savings with a single app. You can get a free Mastercard that you can use worldwide. Mastercard is almost everywhere accepted within France. You get push-notifications for every transaction. Also, there is no paperwork required to setup the account – you can do everything online.

You can organize your money easily with the N26 Spaces app. The app allows you to create sub-accounts for managing your spendings and savings and reaching your saving goals. After signing up for N26 mobile app, you can view your account on a desktop or any other device with its web application. They offer 2 products: the regular account and the N26 You account. The regular account does not charge a monthly fee. Though N26 is counted among one of the best French banks, the only flaw is that it is focused more on the younger generation, or we can say, tech-savvy people. If you like to do your banking in the old-faschioned we would advise you to go to a traditional bank like BNP Paribas. Online banks (like N26) have become more popular in Europe since they offer good customer service, low fees, and high-interest rates. You can see on their website if you like their conditions – the best thing is you can arrange everything from home.

How to open a bank account in France

In general, a bank asks you for the following documents when you request to open an account in France:

  • A valid proof of identity (ID card, passport…)
  • For non-EU-Members: work permit
  • City registration