Internet providers in France

Internet providers in France

France is a great country to relocate to and they offer countrywide a good connection. There are a lot of different internet providers in France and therefore it can become difficult to choose one. Comparing French ISPs (internet service providers) can take up a lot of your time. With our tips, we try to ensure that you sign-up for an internet connection and subscription that fits your needs and wishes. You can get DSL, cable or wireless internet in France. The prices vary depending on speed and ISP.

Different internet users

It is important to know what kind of internet user you are. Not everybody uses the internet in the same way and therefore not everybody needs the same internet speed. We have defined 3 different classes below and you can have a look if you identify yourself with one of them.

  1. The gamer: do you play a lot of online games, download large files and heavily use the internet on a daily basis? Then it would be smart to go for the 100-500 M/bit internet connection.
  2. The streamer:do you use the internet on a daily basis for streaming Netflix, Spotify, and youtube? Then you should have sufficient with a 60 M/bit connection.
  3. The reader: Do you use the internet to read your email, Wikipedia, Facebook or Google? Then you should have enough with 20 M/bit internet connection.

When you have found yourself in one of our categories it is time to inform yourself about the different internet providers in France. We have listed all internet providers below. These internet providers are reliable and offer good internet connection everywhere in France.

List of internet providers in France

All these Internet providers offer different connections and different bandwidth for different prices. Comparing the specifications of each Internet provider can be time-consuming. Are you wondering which Internet provider offers the best deals or the best connection? We have listed the most reliable Internet providers below.

Fibre All in 1* ✘ 

* The all in 1 package contains Internet, tv and phone connections

All these internet providers offer different package deals at different discounts. Are you curious about which ISP is the best and which ISP offers the best connection in your area. We have listed the best internet service providers in France below. All these internet providers offer clear contracts to non-French speakers.

The best Internet provider in France


Sfr SFR is a great internet service provider if your location allows fiber connection. They offer 4 affordable packages which include high-speed internet and TV channels. They offer optical fiber connection as well as other options. SFR is well known within France for its high customer satisfaction rate. Fiber Internet can deliver up to 1 Gbps of downloading speed at most, but in practice, it is mostly around 500 Mbps. The Internet services are provided through a cable modem which uses the bandwidth from the TV channels. SFR currently offers 4 great packages and you can test on their website if you can get connected at your place.


orange Orange is together with SFR one of the largest internet service providers in France. They offer Fibre and ADSL. Orange is one is the most used internet provider by expats in France. Why? Because they offer clear and attractive contracts to non-French speakers. Like most internet providers in France, Orange asks on their website for your postal code, in that way they can check if you can receive the desired internet connection and internet speed. Orange also combines package deals with broadband, mobile subscription and television connection at reduced costs.